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Júlia Albertoni, b.1991 Brazil

writer, creative producer, historian & curator. in-between.

lives in London and works in London and Brazil

short resume.


Julia’s writing focus on well-being, self-knowledge, mysticism, intuitive travelling, collective imaginary and archetypes.

She is currently working on a fiction book about the Tarot cards, monthly publishing on this website the “Chronicles of a Wild Woman” and sharing what she calls “wild poetry” on her Instagram @jpawriter

She created the blog “A Sacerdotisa” (also “The Sacerdotisa”) in 2016 and most of the texts posted in Portuguese and English are available on this website.

Julia is also a historian with published articles in the books “Plantas Medicinais e os Cuidados com a Saúde” and “UFSC: 50 anos”. Her master thesis is a creative research about the food culture in the Brazilian magazine Reader’s Digest in the 50s, and can be read in Portuguese here. Her main points of research are mass communications, cultural relations, social psychology, archetypes, mythology and history of health and science.

She has also written short stories with a micro history perspective in the project that she realised herself called “Onde Está Desterro?” in the city of Florianópolis, Brazil. All stories can be read in Portuguese at www.ondeestadesterro.com.br

For 10 years she has been working across a diverse portfolio of projects in the arts and culture sector, from theatre to music festivals in South of Brazil and more recently in the UK. Alongside being a cultural agent, she has always been in touch with creative writing practices, starting her passion for writing when she won two poetry contests with 15 years old, having her poetries published at the time.

A native of Brazil, she currently lives in London, UK, working in the creative industries.